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n. 24 gennaio/febbraio 2004 »

[24 gen 2004 | di Mihai Jalobeanu | ]

After 50 years of isolation and very centralized educational system, the last years changes in Romanian education faces at the same time the necessary curricula content modification, as well as the need for a change in the teaching style. The introduction of the information and communication technologies in schools involve the communication infrastructure and adequate prepared teachers.

This set of papers, as a short selection, can give you an image. Regarding the use of technology in education and regarding the last year changes and evolution.
To better understand this particular situation, a …

n. 24 gennaio/febbraio 2004 »

[24 gen 2004 | Mihai Jalobeanu Western University "Vasile Goldis", Arad - Romania | ]

When Romania began evolving toward a market economy in December 1989, the country underwent a dramatic economic transformation. But after so many years of severe isolation, the most important step was realized in the information and media development, as an explosive opening to the world, and corresponding IT shortcuts. Since 1992-1993, Romanians began discovering the Internet, and the door to new ways of doing business and gathering and exchanging information was finally opened. The national .ro domain being introduced February 1993, while in April 16, Romania and Bulgaria were accepted …

n. 24 gennaio/febbraio 2004 »

[24 gen 2004 | Susan English (s.j.english@wdi.co.uk) | ]

To discuss the particular context and evolution of eLearning in Romania it is necessary to understand the local situation with regard to Internet access and particularities of the general educational system. It has only been since 1993 that Romanian university networks and other Romanian Internet service providers have joined the ever-expanding global community of Internet users (Jalobeanu, 1998). 1989 changes in the political, social and economic system couldn’t change the people mentality, after fifty years of education focused against communication. Internet connection has been driven by Romanian scientists and students …