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Form@re is the Italian Newsletter on ICT in Education. Over the last ten years, it has been published in Italian with the purpose of encouraging a closer integration between theory and practice in the field of educational methods and technologies. Recently the newsletter has become an Open Journal - a free online magazine, completely renewed not only in appearance, but also in terms of production, management, storage and retrieval of contents. It is published monthly in Italian and foresees also the publication of some Special Issues in a double version, i.e. Italian and English.

The Scientific Director
Antonio Calvani

n. 70 September

Digital and media literacy. Current issues and future perspectives

[30 Sep 2010 | Gianna Cappello and Maria Ranieri ]

One of the dominant themes in the current debate on the aims and fields of intervention of contemporary Media Education undoubtedly regards the concept of media literacy and its relation with similar notions such as digital literacy and information literacy. These expressions are not new, but recently they have received great attention from international organisms (e.g., UNESCO and the European Union) and from the academic world.
The rapid evolution of information and communication technologies together with the emergence of new forms of expression and cultural production, of ┬źnew literacies┬╗ (Gee, 2003), …

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