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The journal is open access. It has monthly issues (except July and August), and each one is made up of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 papers. Some issues can be monothematic; others are made up of single papers. Two autonomous reviewers will review papers that are not part of monothematic issues. Monothematic issues are proposed by qualified institutions, particularly those collaborating with the magazine, and are made up of commissioned article contributions and edited by the institution’s editor. Article proposals should be sent to the journal’s editorial board (formare@erickson.it) and will then be reviewed by two anonymous referees. They must contain the author’s name and surname, qualification, institution, address, email address and telephone number. Illustrations, graphs and tables have to be saved in separate files. Bibliographical references have to be added at the end of the document. For the formal layout of the text and for further information, please refer to the instructions for authors. If the article is accepted, the author must attach a declaration stating that he is the only owner of the article and that its publication will in no way infringe anybody’s rights. Articles in English are also accepted. The submitted manuscripts will not be returned. The publisher assumes no liability for damage or loss of texts sent. Acceptance of a manuscript binds authors not to publish it elsewhere, neither in whole nor in part, without the written consent of the publisher. Educators and researchers are invited to submit their article contributions on the following topics, which will be the subject of specific issues during the year 2010-11:

Digital competence
Virtual learning environment (i. e. Moodle)
ICT in school
The Interactive Whiteboard
Media education
Mobile learning
Education 2.0 (blogging, podcasting, video-podcasting etc.)
E-book and Netbook in Education
Innovation between rethoric and reality
Networked learning communities