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24 gennaio 2004 | di Mihai Jalobeanu

After 50 years of isolation and very centralized educational system, the last years changes in Romanian education faces at the same time the necessary curricula content modification, as well as the need for a change in the teaching style. The introduction of the information and communication technologies in schools involve the communication infrastructure and adequate prepared teachers.

This set of papers, as a short selection, can give you an image. Regarding the use of technology in education and regarding the last year changes and evolution.

To better understand this particular situation, a historical introduction was included in this packages, concerning technological and educational situation in Romania. The second paper, entitled Innovation and Change in Romanian Education was written by Ana-Maria Marhan, researcher at the Bucharest National R&D Institute for Educational Sciences. The paper reports the last years set of laws and Government decision concerning education, and also discusses general (theoretical) questions of introducing e-learning, the advantages, and the resistance to change in the general and normal educational context. Unfortunately, the changes produced by this set of decisions are not enough analized, and therefore the centralized institutional system seams to be accepted by author. In editor's opinion, the local educational system was very well designed to graduate students with a lot of knowledge but without own opinions, without elementary critical thinking… Today acceptance of the distance education based on the courses delivery through computer network, and Internet, can be considered as a result of the "grass-root" promotion activity of Romanian Internet Learning Workshops, an International event taking place yearly between 1997-2001. The third paper discusses the main results of RILW conferences, and their impact, mainly as a Way to Build a Professional Network. Olimpiu Istrate, presenting his project called Academia Online provides a short presentation of "A Public eLearning Platform for Continuing Education". I.e. a home made eLearning platform, and the principles of the Academia Online, a successful Romanian project to deliver online courses. Timsoft manager, Carmen Holotescu, reports the company Experience in Building Successful Online Courses Timsoft Ltd is one of the most active actors in eLearning in Romania. The article presents the eLearning platform developed by the Timsoft professionals, and also the principles defining Timsoft approach to delivering quality e-Learning. The last paper of this package is a Case Study for a Web Technology Online Course. The author of it, Carmen Holotescu, reveals the principles of study cases and group projects as methodologies in eLearning, presenting an example used in the online courses offered by Timsoft.

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